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Maui FAQs

  • What is the time difference from Australia?

    • Hawaii is at GMT-10 hours, the same as French Polynesia. Sydney, Australia is at GMT+10 hours. So 12 Noon on Monday in Sydney is 3 pm Sunday in Hawaii. Hawaii does not observe Daylight Savings Time so add +1 hour during this period each summer.
  • Where is the main airport on Maui?

    • The main airport on Maui is Kahului Airport (OGG). There are smaller commuter airports in Kapalua (West Maui) and Hana (East Maui). It’s about a 45-minute drive from Kahului Airport to Lahaina. Both Molokai and Lanai are served by their own airports. There is also the option of flying into Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu first and then heading to Maui.
  • Do I need a car to get around Maui?

    • You can get around Maui by shuttle, tour bus, taxi or public transportation. But to really experience Maui, you should consider reserving a rental car in advance from the Kahului or Kapalua Airport.
  • Do I need my passport to get to Maui?

    • You will need a passport to get to Hawaii, unless you are a U.S. citizen (Hawaii is the 50th state of the United States). Learn more about entry requirements here.
  • What should I pack on my trip to Maui?

    • It’s warm on Maui, so pack your summer attire. You may want to pack a light jacket or sweater for the evenings or a heavier jacket if you plan to visit Haleakala. Suits and ties are rarely worn here. Bring some casual dress clothes or resort wear if you plan on experiencing Maui’s nightlife. You can buy an Aloha Shirt and flip-flops (or slippers, as the locals call them) when you get here.
  • What currency does Hawaii use?

    • Hawaii's currency is the U.S. dollar. Traveler’s checks and major credit cards are widely accepted and ATM machines are plentiful. Don't worry if you forget something. Hawaii's retail stores and malls have everything you need, including plenty of sunscreen.
  • When is a good time to visit Maui?

    • Anytime of year is a good time to visit Maui. The average temperature here is between 75˚-85˚ F. Summer, between April and November is warmer and drier while winter, between December and March, is a bit cooler. Trade winds keep things comfortable year-round. Whale watching season begins in late November and ends in early May. Peak whale watching months are between January and early April. Winter is big wave surf season on Maui’s north shore.
  • What language do they speak in Hawaii?

    • The official languages of Hawaii are English and Hawaiian, although Hawaiian is not commonly spoken. Major resort areas often have customer service representatives who speak Japanese.
  • Tipping

    • Restaurants: 15-20%. Check to see if “gratuity” is included for large parties
      Bar: $.50-$1 US per drink
      Housekeeping: $1 US per bed, per night
      Luggage porters: $1 US per bag
      Doorman: $1 US for calling a taxi
      Room Service: 10-15% of the total bill
      Taxi: 15% of fare
  • What is the area code for Hawaii?

    • The area code for the state of Hawaii is (808).
  • Is there Internet access in Hawaii?

    • Internet access is readily available in Hawaii. Most resorts and hotels have Internet access.
  • What is the electrical voltage in Hawaii?

    • Internet access is readily available in Hawaii. Electricity in the U.S. is 115/120 volts at 60 cycles (60 Hz) per second. If your device does not accept this voltage, you may need to purchase a voltage converter.
  • Agricultural Inspection

    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture enforces strict rules regarding the exportation of uninspected plants and animals and requires a declaration form for each person arriving in Hawaii. When departing, your luggage must pass a pre-flight screening for uninspected fruits and plants. You are welcome to take inspected fresh flowers and fruits home. Items purchased at the airport or mailed home form local vendors are inspected for you.