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Hawaii Island Experiences Hawaii Island Experiences
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Hawaii Island Experiences

What are you looking for in a vacation to Hawaii Island? An outdoor adventure swimming with manta rays or watching lava meet the sea? A romantic escape to amazing black sand beaches and luxurious resorts? A cultural journey discovering authentic hula, exploring natural wonders and learning about some of Hawaii’s most historic places? Select an experience below to find attraction options and related listings to help you plan your perfect vacation on Hawaii Island.

Choose Your Hawaii Island Experience

Family Fun on Hawaii Island

As far as childhood memories go, this may be hard to beat. Watch as your kids run over several Japanese bridges in Liliuokalani Gardens. See them discover ancient petroglyphs carved into the rocks at sites along the Kohala Coast

Hawaii Island Adventures

Is that sound you hear the helicopter or the beating of your heart? As you hover above Kilauea Volcano’s steaming Puu Oo vent it’s hard to tell.

Hawaii Island Arts & Culture

The people of Hawaii Island continue to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through world famous festivals and important cultural sites.

Hawaii Island Ecotourism

Hawaii Island and all the Hawaiian Islands are complex but fragile ecosystems that are easily affected by outside influences. This is partly why, in today’s small jet-connected world, Hawaii has the highest number of endangered and threatened native plant and animal species of any place on the planet. 

Hawaii Island Golf

With a variety of magnificent courses to choose from, it's no wonder why Hawaii Island is known as the Golf Capital of Hawaii.

Hawaii Island Honeymoons

Begin your life together with the adventure of a lifetime on Hawaii Island.

Hawaii Island Relaxation

Where else can you take a leisurely stroll on an active volcano? Whether it’s getting back to nature on a hike in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or taking a dip at Hapuna Beach, Hawaii Island has its own unique activities and environments that will help you slow down and relax.

Hawaii Island Romance

On an island this big, you’ll remember the small moments. A snapshot together by Akaka Falls along the flourishing Hamakua Coast. A sea of stars in the ink-black sky above Maunakea.

Hawaii Island Weddings

The biggest day of your life just found an appropriate home. The venue choices on Hawaii Island are endless, from a sunset beach ceremony on the Kona or Kohala Coast to the serene pagodas of Liliuokalani Gardens with Maunakea towering in the background.

Unexpected Hawaii Island

Yes, it does snow in Hawaii. During winter months you may see the snow-capped peaks atop the 13,796-foot Maunakea, the tallest sea mountain in the world.