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We want to go quietly with you to places that are so beautiful and grand they take your breath away; to give an understanding of the Island and its people that will help you feel enriched; to share an appreciation of the interplay of land ('aina), sea (kai), and life (ola) unique to Hawai'i. We offer personalized guided hiking tours into the spectacular but little-known corners of Hawai'i Island's 4038 square miles of volcanic mountains. The lava-strewn slopes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa (including safe accessible, molten flows), Mauna Kea's upland meadows and rain-forests, Kohala's beautiful and historic valleys, the botanical wealth of Hualalai's cloud forest above the Kona coast await you. The stories of Hawai'i land, plants, animals and people as conveyed by your guide, enhances not only your understanding of the islands, but we hope your understanding and curiosity about the place you call home. Come walk with us!

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