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Swimming with Dolphins in their natural habitat is a unique and magical experience that you will easily remember forever. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of being in the ocean with the Dolphins. Our philosophy is one of total respect for the Dolphins, all Marine life and the Ocean. We will share with you the protocols for swimming with free Dolphins. We will even have a guide in the Ocean with you to assure that you have the best experience possible.

Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent beings on the planet and being with them in their world will amaze you. Imagine your excitement as we cruise out to where the Dolphins live and play. They love to ride the bow wake of our boat. The Dolphins are sleek and graceful and exude absolute joy.

We also offer Night Manta Snorkels. Mantas are completely harmless with no teeth, stingers or barbs. Being in the Ocean at night with these amazing "Butterflies of the Sea" is an experience like no other.

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