Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co.

1 Hansen Road
Puunene, HI 96784

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Phone:(808) 877-2969
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Discover the Sweetness of the Islands! 100% Grown & Made on Maui. We here at Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. have been growing the sweetest and purest sugarcane on our central Maui plantation for over 130 years. Our Maui Brand specialty raw washed sugars are the result of years of experience, technology and craftsmanship. Handcrafted one batch at a time, our sugars retain some of the molasses that gives them their natural color and rich flavor. We add nothing artificial or synthetic, insuring you of a naturally sweet product. Use Maui Brand cane sugars wherever you would use refined sugar and enjoy the distinctly delicious difference. The amber cyrstals of our Premium Turbinado enrich the taste of your favorite cofee and tea drinks, cereals, fresh fruit, sauces, marinades, and baked recipes.

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