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Maui Plantations, Farms and Gardens

Double Lines

Maui is at the center of the farm-to-table process that is integral to Hawaii Regional Cuisine in the islands. Take a farm tour in Kula and see how the volcanic soil of Upcountry Maui makes the Maui Onion so sweet. Visit one of the island’s lush botanical gardens and smell the sweet fragrances of exotic flowers, orchids and indigenous Hawaiian plants. Explore the natural beauty of Maui’s plantations, farms and gardens.

  • Farm to Table Maui

    Follow the farm to table process by touring the upland farms of Upcountry Maui then dine in the prestigious restaurants of west and south Maui.
    • Hawaii Regional Cuisine on Maui

      Hawaii Regional Cuisine inventively blends Maui’s freshest flavors with the cuisine of the world.
      • Lanai and Molokai Day Trips

        Lanai and Molokai are easily accessible from Maui, with inter-island ferries running daily from Lahaina Harbor.
        • Paniolo of Maui

          Paniolo are Hawaiian cowboys and their traditions continue to live on today in places like Makawao in Upcountry Maui.