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Discover Hawaii Guide

Download your free 2012 Discover Hawaii Guide.

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The 2012 Discover Hawaii Guide contains the following content:

Page 1-5 Contents & Ten Great Reasons to Visit Hawaii (pdf)
Page 6-11 Kauai (pdf)
Page 12-21 Oahu (pdf)
Page 22-23 Molokai & Lanai (pdf)
Page 24-27 Maui (pdf)
Page 28-33 Hawaii's Big Island & Dollar Saving Tips (pdf)
Page 34-35 FAQs (pdf)
Page 36-37 Itineraries by the Experts & Contact List (pdf)
Page 38-39 Advertiser Directory & Festivals (pdf)

Click here to view or print the complete version of the 2012 Discover Hawaii Guide

Click here to view the following planners online:
Kauai Official Travel Planner
Oahu Vacation Planner
Maui Vacation Planner for Maui Molokai & Lanai
Hawaii’s Big Island Travel Planner