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Kauai Weather

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Step off the plane and feel the warm embrace of Kauai, with average yearly temperatures ranging between 28.8 and 20.5 degrees C. Ocean temperatures are also perfect, ranging from 21.6 to 27.2 degrees C year round.

Kauai offers seven distinct microclimates, from lush interior zones to arid areas on the West Side. Mount Waialeale (elevation 1,569 m) is at the heart of Kauai's uninhabited interior and is a quintessential rainforest with over 10,160 millimetres of rain per year. The rain that falls around Mt. Waialeale generally does not affect the coastal parts of the island, which get far less rain than the central areas (as little as 457 millimetres a year in western areas). Much of Kauai's rainfall is a nightly occurrence, and the rain showers that do occur are almost always brief. When you do see rain, wait for the beautiful rainbows that follow.

The trade winds in Kauai also keep things cool for visitors. The winds are generally light and help chase away much of Hawaii’s humidity. With such great weather, any time of year is a good time to visit Kauai.