Dragonfly Ranch: Healing Arts Center


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Phone:(808) 328-2159


Luxuriously rustic upscale "treehouse" featuring Healthy Pleasures and FUN: infrared sauna, labyrinth, organic garden, lomilomi massage, communing with dolphins, snorkeling/diving and lovable “loaner” pets. Also, wheelchair accessible mini-spa/cottage.

One of the Kona Coast's first eco-retreats (since 1974), the evocatively named Dragonfly Ranch uses solar water heating, recycles bottles, cans and paper, cleans guest rooms with organic, non-toxic products, lights with low wattage bulbs, offers guests purified water in recycled glass bottles for their excursions, dries clothes on a line instead of a dryer and composts garbage to create a beautifully productive herb and vegetable garden. All the floors are artistically created with non-toxic brown paper bags. Voluntourism guests are given a 10% discount for helping in the garden or at the nearby national park in Honaunau Bay. A variety of workshops are offered—including permaculture and aquaculture (with tilapia).

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Unit TypeKitchenRatesMax+Person
DLX OV STEYes$250420
SUP POV STUYes$225520
MOD BR POVYes$175220
MOD BR OV LANYes$125220