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Send Hawaiian Gifts and Products directly to friends and family. Hanauma Bay T-Shirts, Hawaii Post Cards, Hawaii Trucker Caps, Hawaii Beach Bags, Hawaii Luggage Tags, Hawaii iPhone Cases and more!!! All our items are customizable. Choose color, text, size and more.

Some of our designs are the Hawaii State Fish (Humuhumunukunukuapua'a), Parrot Fish (Uhu), Turtles (Honu) and Hawaii Islands designs. There are over 350 species of tropical fish and many Hawaii green sea turtles (honu).

The movie "Blue Hawaii" with Elvis Presley was filmed in Hanauma Bay in 1961. Magnum P.I. and Hawaii Five-O were filmed at Hanauma Bay.

Using our easy design tools, you can upload your own images, change styles, and add text to your heart's desire. From hundreds of apparel styles and colors, to dozens of media and sizes for prints, to wedding invitations and even REAL United States postage. There is a variety of options available to satisfy your creative side, for that special Hawaii gift or souvenir.

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