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Molokai Attractions

Double Lines

Go back in time in charming Kaunakakai. Take an unforgettable mule ride to the isolated Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Or take a guided hike to see the rare endemic species of Kamakou Preserve (Contact the Nature Conservancy for more information). Discover the natural wonders of this island paradise and see how the people of Molokai are keeping the Hawaiian culture alive.

  • Beaches of Molokai

    Molokai offers a handful of beautiful, secluded beaches.
    • Boating of Molokai

      Take a charter fishing excursion from Molokai’s Kaunakakai Harbor.
      • Fishing on Molokai

        Set sail from Kaunakakai to catch marlin, mahimahi and ono in Molokai’s fertile waters.
        • Historic Places on Molokai

          Explore the historic places of Molokai, an island strongly connected to its Hawaiian history.
          • Hula of Molokai

            Legend says hula was born on Molokai. These traditions are celebrated every year at the Molokai Ka Hula Piko Festival.
            • Molokai to Maui Day Trips

              Maui is easily accessible from Molokai, with an inter-island ferry running daily between Kaunakakai Harbor and Lahaina Harbor.
              • Natural Wonders of Molokai

                The rugged terrain of Molokai features beautiful natural wonders untouched by development and large crowds.
                • Snorkelling and Scuba-diving of Molokai

                  Home to Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef, Molokai is a fantastic place for snorkelling and scuba diving.
                  • Whale Watching on Molokai

                    The waters between Lanai, Maui and Molokai offer some of the best winter whale watching in the world.