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Oahu Ecotourism

Double Lines

An important value for Native Hawaiians and Hawaii locals is the idea of “malama aina” or care for the land. On Oahu there are a variety of activities visitors can explore to see how Hawaiians of the past worked the land and how locals today are keeping Hawaii more sustainable for generations to come.

Take an Oahu farm tour and learn about the farm-to-table process that is such a vital part of Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Explore one of Oahu’s botanical gardens featuring native Hawaiian plants and tropical flowers. The Honolulu Botanical Gardens feature five diverse sites on Oahu to explore. During winter, from December through to May, you can also go on a whale watching tour off Oahu’s southern coast to learn about humpback whales and their annual visit back to Hawaii’s warm waters.

  • Eat Like a Local on Oahu

    Hawaii locals love to eat. And Oahu offers a variety of comfort foods in a variety of off-the-beaten path locations.
    • Farm to Table Oahu

      Follow the farm to table process from farmer’s markets and farm tours to the fine Hawaii Regional Cuisine restaurants of Oahu.
      • Hawaii Regional Cuisine on Oahu

        Hawaii Regional Cuisine inventively blends Oahu’s freshest flavours with the cuisine of the world.
        • Historic Places of Oahu

          From Iolani Palace to Pearl Harbor, explore the historic places of Oahu and enrich your holiday in Hawaii.
          • Natural Wonders of Oahu

            From scenic mountain vistas to spectacular beaches, Oahu’s landscape is filled with incredible natural beauty.