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2019 Waikiki New Year's Fireworks!

December 31, 2018 - January 01, 2019
11:45pm - 12:15am
Sponsored by the members of the Waikīkī Improvement Association, the New Year’s fireworks show will start at 11:55 pm on December 31st. From a barge just off Waikiki Beach, one announcement salute will be fired every minute until 1 minute before midnight. This is the signal for everyone to direct their attention toward the ocean and to enjoy music choreographed by Fireworks by Grucci to accompany and enhance your viewing experience. Exactly at midnight a barrage of colorful salutes will signal the start of the New Year, accompanied by Aud Lang Syne. The 8 - 10 minute fireworks show will include designs of palm trees, rings, strobes, sparkling fans, colorful falling leaves, brocades and willows falling to the ocean. The show will end with the famous Grucci Grand Finale. More than 1,800 shells will be fired during the show. More than 100,000 kamaaina and visitors will view this extravaganza of light and color launched from an offshore barge, visible all along Waikiki Beach. It will be a show worthy of our world-class destination and also symbolizes Waikiki Improvement Association members practicing the spirit of Lokahi - or unity as they have all come together to make this event possible.
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