Asia Pacific Dance Festival- Local Motion

Guided by Artistic Director Cheryl Yoshie Nakasone, Du usami: The Journey features a transformative, magical array of Okinawan dance, music, and kumiwudui, the classical dance-drama of the Ryukyu kingdom.

Program highlights include performances by Kishun Nishie, the 11th person from Okinawa to be named a Living National Treasure; a full-length kumiwudui Shushin Kani'iri (Possessed by Love, Thwarted by the Bell), an exciting tale of passion and love turned to madness performed in the rarely seen Shuri style; and guest musicians Kiyoyuki Owan, from Okinawa, and Katsuko Teruya, from Los Angeles.

Since 1977, Jimpu Kai USA has presented Okinawan dance as an unbroken tradition that stretches from the classic elegance of the royal court to the vision and energy of contemporary choreography. Join Jimpu Kai USA for an evening that will span the centuries and delight the soul with Du usami: The Journey.

Location: Oahu

Kennedy Theatre
1770 East-West rd
Honolulu, HI 96822
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