Daya Concert & Every Color Matters 5k

Every Color Matters is a new Color Dash Campaign brought to you by The Color Dash 5k! Every Color Matters will support every cancer ribbon and their corresponding color. Get your color on as we come together to support our friends and loved ones in the battle against cancer!
The event is organized by The Color Dash 5k and benefits multiple cancer charity organizations in Honolulu and the Hormel Institute. 50% of the merchandise and ticket profit goes right back into your community!
When participants register, they get to choose which cancer they're dashing for and get a colored bib to match their cause!
As a part of our Every Color Matters Tour, Platinum recording artist, Daya will be showing off her musical talents at a concert after the dash! She has been climbing the charts this year with her hit singles "Sit Still Look Pretty" and "Hide Away." Honolulu won't be the same after The Color Dash and Daya come to visit!

Location: Oahu

Aloha Stadium
99-500 Salt Lake Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96813
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