Gathering Of The Crafts Workshops

Out of the Box glass workshop uses fusing kiln for working of warm glass, building flexible, structures in flat glass, then manipulate at temperature. Making forms, tools, jigs included.
Wooden Covers, Mica Pages, workshop issewing structure, combining wooden covers, mica pages.
Fiber workshop is Resist-Based Pendants, Hollow Forms and Object Entrapment at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Art Department. Covers three-dimensional techniques for small-scale object felting together, including a bail for hanging. Sculpt unique hollow forms by modifying the density of fiber layout by incorporating shapes of partially felted wool. Entrap a durable found object in a thin, high shrinkage felt skin and cut away specified areas to reveal the objects color, texture and material complexity of your chosen object.
Register online at . Member tuition $275 plus shop fees. The HC office is at 1110 Nuuanu Avenue in Honolulu with limited hours, 808-521-3282.

Location: Oahu

Punahou School
1601 Punahou St
Honolulu, HI 96822