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Loliana: A Native Hawaiian Exhibit

April 23, 2018 - May 25, 2018

The concept is to exhibit artists who are native born and have been raised with cultural and spiritual values that empower their work today. Contemporary thought and visual imagery are encouraged to inquire about the changes that have impacted native Hawaiians and native culture, to also seek which values should be preserved and what perceptions could be altered to facilitate a healthy evolution as natives, non natives, and a mixed ethnic and cultural community. The exhibition has two fundamental purposes. One is to embody, Aohe pau ka ike i ka halau hookahi - All knowledge is not learned in just one school. Through exposure of culturally relevant art works made by native Hawaiians,an understanding of native Hawaiian culture can be offered to our community. The second is to enhance the experience of culture through craft - E hoohuli ka lima i lalo. Turn the hands down.[When the palm of the hands face down they are occupied and productive.] Artists chosen to participate in this exhibit have knowledge of Hawaiian history and/or historic cultural craft - such as kapa making.The intent is to seek a balanced perspective and appreciation of pre-colonized and current cultural values through a visual and interactive experience. In conjunction with the exhibition, workshops for youth and artist talks will be open to the community, led by the participating artists. April 7th SATURDAY OPENING RECEPTION Starting from 10:30 AM

Location: Hawaii

East Hawaii Cultural Center
141 Kalakaua Street
Hilo, HI 96720
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  • Contact Name: Monique Ortiz
  • Contact Organization: East Hawai'i Cultural Center