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Molokai Hula Bliss & Huakai (Journey) 2018

May 29, 2018 - June 10, 2018

Are you looking for that genuine Aloha - unconditional love? Do you feel the call of the island of Molokai with its ancient culture and traditions? Do you love to dance hula, the Hawaiian dance and to know and see where the dances come from?

Kumu Paa Lawrence Aki, 50th generation of Traditional Hawaiian Teachings hosts the fifth annual Molokai Hula Bliss & Huakai (Journey) on the island of Molokai. Here you will dive deep into the Hawaiian cultural traditions and honor the ancestors. You will learn the ancient teachings which sustained the Hawaiians up to this day. Hula is to preserve history and culture, honor places and its people. The hula you will experience is firmly rooted in the land, of which you will visit the sacred sites.

The Molokai Hula Bliss & Huakai starts with an opening ceremony on May 29th and ends with the closing ceremony on June 10, 2018. You will experience:

+ Ceremonies: protocols and process

+ Presentation "Molokai Nui A Hina" (Molokai Island Child of the great Goddess of Hina)

+ Hula Auwana (modern hula)

+ Oli (Hawaiian Chant)

+ Laʻau Lapaʻau (Hawaiian Herbal Medicine)

+ Leimaking

+ Excursions including hearing the Moʻolelo (stories) to places of Wahi Pana (sacred) and archeological sites of Molokai

+ Kalaupapa Lookout & Phallic Rocks

+ Waikolo Lookout

+ And much more..

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Location: Molokai

2618 Kamehameha V Highway
Kaunakakai, HI 96748
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