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Mookuauhau o ka Lahui Kauai on Thurs., June 2nd, offers stories of Kaumualii's ancestors told by renown local historians & cultural practitioners. These are intriguing tales of leaders who display wisdom, courage, cunning, while their deeds and supernatural powers shaped the destiny of this island, know as a "Separate Kingdom". Our story tellers bring research and ike/insight, and offer the privilege of learning while we are entertained. Brook Kapkuniahi Parker-Painting the Spirit of Alii & Warriors. renown Hawaiian Artist & Genealogist will captivate audience with stories of Kukona and Manokalanipo, sharing Kauaiʻs colorful past as they struggled to establish a lasting peace. Dr. Kuualoha Hoomanawanui, UHManoa- Voices of Fire: Remembering, Reclaiming & Renewing will share details of Cheifess Kamakahelei's direct, influential raising of her son to be King. She also offers insight to enliven our genealogical connections. Her work in Hawaiian and English has been published internationally. She is a founding and chief editor of Oiwi: A Native Hawaiian Journal. Dr. Peter Mills-Reclaiming Paʻulaula,UH-Hilo-He will present stories describing a complex history of the wahi pana Paulaula in west Kauai. Mills recent research is being used to re-establish the Hawaiian story in state and federal documents and the National Historic register. He authored Hawaii's Russian Adventure: A New Look at Old History, based on his archeological work on the fort in the 1990's.

Support for these events provided by Hawaii Tourism Authority, through Community Enrichment Program




Mookuauhau o ka Lahui-Kauai Ancestral Stories

June 02, 2022
4:00pm - 9:00pm
Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall
4191 Hardy St.
Lihue, HI 96766
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  • Contact Name: Maureen Fodale
  • Contact Organization: Friends of King Kaumualii

Location: Kauai