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SuperChill Fourth Saturday

Our main restoration event provides an introduction to Protect & Preserve Hawai'i and our work in Pia Valley. Check out what we are up to, help restore an ahupua'a, and prevent wildfire in East O'ahu. A chill day with some light clearing, watering, weeding, and some planting. Explore the valley we are trying to save!

Recurs every month on the fourth Saturday of the month.

To register, please visit:

Check out our Instagram: @protectandpreservehawaii

June 16, 2024 - December 28, 2024
8:30am - 1:00pm
Pia Valley
Pia Valley
Honolulu, HI 96821
Contact Info
  • Contact Name: Allison Valdez
  • Contact Organization: Protect & Preserve Hawai'i

Location: Oʻahu