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Lāhainā Art Galleries

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Lāhainā Art Galleries Maui

Lāhainā has gained a reputation as a renowned art market with dozens of art galleries. Begin your art walk at the Old Jail Gallery run by the non-profit Lāhainā Arts Society, home to 185 member artists. Village Galleries is Maui’s oldest gallery showcasing acclaimed local artists. For fun, check out the kinetic sculptures and pop art at the Martin Lawrence Galleries.

To experience all that Lāhainā’s art scene has to offer, visit Art Night each Friday between 7pm and 10pm. Join the festivities along and around Front Street as art galleries open their doors, inviting the public to chat with artists, view their works, listen to music and celebrate the arts.

You can also discover other types of unique art in Lāhainā, including ceramics, handcrafted woodwork and jewelry. This historic whaling town is also one of the world’s largest markets for scrimshaw, the whalers’ art of carving on ivory. For more unique finds, treasure hunt in Lāhainā Printsellers for a collection of maps, prints and engravings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. You’re bound to uncover the perfect Maui memento in Lāhainā’s art galleries.