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You came to Molokaʻi to get off the beaten path and “The Friendly Isle” is happy to oblige. To step onto Molokaʻi is to step back in time to a slower, simpler Hawaiʻi. In fact, one of the top attractions here is the very absence of “attractions” in the commercial sense. What Molokaʻi lacks in modern development, adventurous travelers gain in unspoiled, uncrowded wilderness. There are no shopping malls and only a handful of souvenir shops and tour operators, but the natural beauty and pure aloha are plentiful—and that’s exactly how the locals like it. 

From the sacred Hālawa Valley to Pāpōhaku Beach Park (one of Hawaiʻi's largest beaches), you'll find unforgettable places and attractions on Molokaʻi. Hike or take a mule ride to remote Kalaupapa National Historical Park, visit the historic Kapuāiwa Coconut Grove and snorkel in Hawaiʻi’s longest continuous fringing reef. Choose from the experiences below to discover top sights and adventures that will form your perfect getaway.

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Discover Maui, Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi

Discover Maui, Molokai and Lanai
Maui, Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi (known as Maui Nui) might be near each other, but they offer three distinctly different experiences.

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