Lanai Guidebook

Discover how much there is to see and do on Lanai. Explore this informative guidebook to learn about the island’s top sights and attractions, and the defining qualities that make Lanai so unique. Browse the features below or search the guidebook topics alphabetically.

Fronting the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, this protected bay is home to incredible tide pools and is a great place to view dolphins.
Lanai City is the central town of Lanai, featuring charming shops, local restaurants, the Hotel Lanai and the Four Seasons Lanai, The Lodge at Koele.
The rustic Munro Trail begins just north of Lanai City.
Legend says a heartbroken warrior jumped from the 80-foot summit of Puu Pehe overcome with grief after his wife's passing. A trail from Hulopoe Beach leads you to the Puu Pehe overlook.
Explore even more off road paths and special places on your return trip to Lanai.
Whether you're visiting Lanai for a day or for an extended vacation, find an itinerary of must see and must do attractions and activities to fit your schedule.
From the beautiful shores of Hulopoe Bay to the cool rustic charm of Lanai City, get away from it all on your first trip to Lanai.