Heritage Sites of Lanai

Heritage Sites of Hawaii are special places located throughout the islands that provide significant historical, cultural and environmental contributions to the understanding and enjoyment of Hawaii. Whether it’s a unique natural wonder or a sacred place that encapsulates Native Hawaiian customs, beliefs and practices; these are the sites that are “must see” destinations that have been visited by the people of Hawaii for generations.

Lanai is home to one Heritage Site of Hawaii. Located on its southern tip, the Kaunolu Village was a favorite fishing spot of King Kamehameha I. This archaeological site features the largest surviving ruins of a prehistoric Hawaiian village. It is also where you’ll find “Kahekili’s Leap,” a 60-foot cliff where warriors would dive to demonstrate their bravery. Learn more about the other Heritage Sites of Hawaii.

Located on the southern tip of Lanai, Kaunolu Village was a favorite fishing spot of King Kamehameha I
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