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Lanai is a romantic destination of untouched tranquility featuring world-class resorts and distinctly unique attractions.

About Lanai

From world-class resorts and gold courses to off-road attractions and off-the-beaten-path beaches, Lanai is a destination to get away from it all.

Lanai Guidebook

Explore the Lanai guidebook to learn about the island’s top sights and attractions, and the defining qualities that make Lanai so unique.

Lanai Regions

Lanai is separated into 3 regions to explore: South Lanai, Central Lanai and North Lanai.

Lanai Experiences

From off-road adventures in north Lanai to romantic moments in Hulopoe Bay, choose your perfect Lanai vacation experience.

Lanai Plan A Trip

Start planning your trip to Lanai with these helpful accommodation, transportation, activity and event listings.