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Come fly with us!

We have the world’s first water propelled jet pack. This is a new invention and is a cross between para-sailing and jet-skiing. It’s very fun and very safe because it takes place on the water!

A typical lesson will teach you how to fly high, fast along the water, turning, and even DIVING under the water! If you’re lucky you might even learn how to hover. Hovering is very special because you can float still in space just like a humming bird. Words cannot even describe this wonderful feeling.

It takes very little strength or special skills. After watching a training video, our certified flight instructors will get you flying within minutes. If you’re brave we can try some advanced maneuvers towards the end of your flight that will get your heart pounding, leaving you ready to take-on the world!

Live life to the fullest. Fly a jet pack.

Contact us now before space runs out!

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