Hana Ranch


Hāna Ranch is dedicated to serving as responsible stewards of the land, weaving together the resources of the ranch and community to nurture a thriving economy that will benefit Hāna for generations.

Hāna Ranch is a working cattle ranch on 3,600 acres in Hāna, Hawaiʻi that has a diverse business model. We practice a “One Ranch” approach that links all of our operations together: each arm of our business (our organic farm, livestock operation, resource recovery area, retail locations, food service and hospitality teams) all work to support and feed one another. We want to be more than a sustainable business, we want to be a regenerative one, actively working to make the land and our community better each day.

Our focus is on sustainable agriculture that enriches the land and that will provide healthy, fresh food for the people of Hāna, Maui, and Hawaiʻi to enjoy.

Our work at Hāna Ranch is rooted in the values of land stewardship, collaboration, and community. Our produce is grown organically without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals or genetically modified seeds. We believe that by caring for the land, we can deliver the best produce to our customers and strengthen the foundation of our community.

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