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If you're a true fan who enjoys the hit Hawaii Five-O TV show, then you will love this tour going around Oahu to some of the most memorable TV series landmarks! Fans will visit exclusive filming locations that will conjure up images and excitement of the rebooted Hawaii Five-O TV series episodes.

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The HAWAII 50 TOUR is perfect for Hawaii Five-O TV fans! A true Hawaii Five-O fan will want to come to Hawaii and see the Hawaii Five-O headquarters, the Hawaii Film Studio, Tantalus and will want to see the McGarrett house. The Hawaii 50 Tours is the one tour where all of that and much more can be seen. Come explore and experience seeing the places that are seen on TV … Kono’s house, Rachel’s house and Danno’s house. Stand in front of the King Kamehameha statue or stand and “lookout” over Danno’s favorite place. A knowledgeable guide will drive fans around in a Quest Minivan (maximum 5 people) to those locations where filming was actually done. The tour guide will share their many intimate and personal accounts of the actors, directors and producers of the rebooted TV show and give insights from past and current episodes along with other inside information and spoilers. This is one of Oahu’s most popular tours – please “book ’em” early for HAWAII 50 TOURS.