Local Girl's Guide to Oahu


Local Girl's Guide to Oahu is a travel guide I put together of my favorite restaurants, dining, local food, farmers markets, grocery stores, bakeries, beaches, snorkeling spots, hikes and walks, transportation, activities, local services and shopping.

For $10 it's a PDF file I'll email you.

Print it or take it to Oahu on your smartphone, laptop computer, tablet or e-reader.

The guide is a great gift for friends, family and co-workers going to Oahu - when purchasing, specify full name and email address of person you'd like to receive the guide.

Read reviews:

"Grouping of restaurants by neighborhood especially helpful" - K. Anderson (Redwood City, CA)
"Full of places I'd have missed on my own" - D. J. (Sacramento, CA)
"See Hawaii from a local's perspective" - S. Goel (Brunswick, OH)

Get Local. Live Local.

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