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Mauna Kea Cacao


Explore and taste chocolate at our award-winning cacao farm near Hilo. See 1700 cacao trees, learn how we ferment and dry cacao beans, and view DIY chocolate making equipment. Then enjoy craft chocolate from our cacao made by multiple artisans. Tours are Thursdays (English) or Wednesdays (Japanese).

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Harvested cacao pods. Cacao Tree with Ripe Pods Tour Group Walking to Cacao Orchard Cacao beans drying in the sun at Mauna Kea Cacao. Mauna Kea Cacao won "Best Cacao" award at the Big Island Chocolate Festival.


We (John and Susan) purchased 20 acres on Hawaii's Hamakua Coast in 2011 and began planting cacao seedlings twice each year during vacations from our engineering and environmental jobs. In 2015, we moved from Denver, Colorado to Pepeekeo, Hawaii. Since then, we have been planting trees, harvesting pods, and fermenting and drying beans. In 2018 our hard work paid off and we earned the "Best Cacao" award at the Big Island Chocolate Festival. In early 2019, our cacao was selected to participate in the Cocoa of Excellence competition in Paris, France. Chocolate made from our cacao is also winning awards. Visit our farm and stir sun-dried cacao (Susan's favorite activity) and eat chocolate (John's favorite activity). We welcome you to our beautiful farm.