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The Falls at Reed's Island


Located in Hilo's upscale enclave, Reed's Island, a mile from downtown Hilo. The three-bedroom house is perched at eye level to one of Hawaii's most beautiful waterfalls, and is flanked by the Wailuku River and rainforest.

286 Kaiulani St
Hilo, HI 96720
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25' Waterfall right in the yard View from the Room You will have the entire property to yourself Hot and cold soaking pools Dining Room Master Bedroom


Historically, home for the Hawaiians was not on the beach, they lived in the valleys where the weather was appealing, inspirational, serene. Legend has it that Reed’s Island, (original name “Koloiki”) was the play ground of the Alii. Imagine staying in what seems to be deep in a rainforest, but just a mile up river of Hilo Bay, where a Hawaiian King spent his time. Or picture having your wedding close to the mist of the secluded waterfall. “... We have loved the experience of this magical place. The soothing cascades of the waterfalls, the falling rain, the calls of birds, the black rocks and so many colors of green just overload the senses and provide an un-imagined tranquility. Steve told us of this paradise - but even he could not prepare us for this setting. From dawn to dark we have been captive and can only speak in low voices as if not to break the spell. Thank you for sharing this all with us. We leave with memories and feelings that will last forever.”
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286 Kaiulani St
Hilo, HI 96720