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travel2change is a Hawaii based nonprofit that connects travelers and local communities around fun activities that give back to the Islands nature & culture.

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travel2change is a 501(c)(3) Hawaii based nonprofit organization that imagines travelers as a catalyst for creating positive impacts. Our mission is to make travel meaningful and beneficial by offering unique opportunities that the typical traveler would not ordinarily experience. By achieving sustainability, we empower local communities across the islands of Hawaii to benefit from travelers. Since 2014, travel2change has been connecting travelers with local communities around fun events that give back to Hawaii's nature & culture. Our activities are hands-on, off the beaten path and authentic, and include for example: - guided hikes to waterfalls with native tree planting along the way - beach cleanups that offer tools & education to enjoy the water in a way that leaves no negative environmental impact - outrigger canoe paddling lessons to sustain a Hawaiian tradition - treks through botanical gardens while removing invasive species - yoga combine food drives - cultural walking tours that encounter social issues rather than detour around them travel2change is the sweet spot where fun meets impact. Mahalo for your kokua. Press: Videos: -- more info: contact us: [email protected]