Watch Big Wave Surfing on Maui

Perhaps not as famous as Oahu's North Shore, Maui has its own share of solid big wave surf spots. During the winter months of big wave season, Honolua Bay and Hookipa Beach in Paia are popular surf breaks. While Hookipa Beach is sandy, Honolua has a rocky shoreline so the best place to watch the surfers is from the bluffs above.

East of Hookipa is the infamous surf spot called Peahi or “Jaws." Generated by winter storms swells traveling over a barrier reef, Jaws can sometimes create 40-70 foot monster waves. To produce enough speed to surf these treacherous waves, pro tow-in surfers are literally towed-into the breaking waves by jet skis. Needless to say, leave these dangerous waves to the professionals. You can view Peahi from the cliffs above this surf spot, though space is limited.