Maui Condo Rentals

A great way to get to know West Maui or South Maui is to spend a few days or weeks in a Maui condo rental. Many of these comfortable accommodations are ideal for families with kitchenettes and washer facilities, and graced by views of either the mountains or the blue Pacific. Optional maid service and other amenities make your stay even more enjoyable. With multiple units available in the same complex, Maui condo rentals are also popular for family reunions. Find condo rentals on Maui below:

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Apartments, condominiums and homes are eligible to operate as short-term rentals if they are located in areas zoned for such use and/or they have obtained the required authorization(s) from the State of Hawaii and/or the relevant County. It is recommended that before booking a property, you confirm with the owner or manager that the property is operating in compliance with all applicable laws.