Lahaina Jodo Mission, Maui

Lahaina Jodo Mission

  • Name: Lahaina Jodo Mission
  • What: A Japanese Buddhist temple in Lahaina
  • Where: Located in Lahaina just off of Front Street at 12 Ala Moana Street

Travel just north up Lahaina's Front Street and you'll discover the Lahaina Jodo Mission. This serene destination looks and feels more like Japan than Maui, featuring one of the largest statues of Buddha outside of Asia.

The mission is a replica of an authentic Japanese Buddhist Temple. Explore these peaceful grounds and you'll discover a towering pagoda and an enormous bronze Buddha statue, 12 feet high and roughly three and a half tons. The statue was installed in 1968 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. The grounds and buildings of the mission are open to the public and voluntary contributions are accepted.