Molokai Ecotourism

An important value for native Hawaiians and Hawaii locals is the idea of “malama aina” or to care for the land. Take a farm tour on Molokai to see how locals work the land. Visit Purdy’s Natural Macadamia Nut Farm (Hawaii is the world’s leading producer of macadamia nuts) or the Coffees of Hawaii coffee farm in Central Molokai for a fascinating tour. And to really see environmental preservation in action, 4-wheel drive to the Nature Conservancy’s two sites on Molokai, the Moomomi Preserve on the northwest coast and the Kamakou Preserve in the mountainous rainforests to the east. Contact the Nature Conservancy for more information.

From ancient Hawaiian fishponds to the isolated Kalaupapa Peninsula, you can still visit Molokai’s historic places today.
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