Molokai Relaxation

Floating above the shallow reef, you feel weightless. And it’s not just the crystal blue waters of Molokai’s beaches that have given you buoyancy. It’s knowing that on Molokai, the burdens from home have been lifted – and you’ve truly left everything behind.

It’s easy to let it all go here, where people come to take a vacation from their vacation. Check into a cozy bed and breakfast on the island’s West End and sleep in, visit the spa at the Aqua Hotel Molokai or shop in the charming towns of Kaunakakai and Maunaloa. Let the sun warm your skin as you drift over to the next coral nook as you snorkel by another school of colorful fish. Suspended above the reef, more than just your burden has been lifted. Your spirit has been lifted as well.

The rugged terrain of Molokai features beautiful natural wonders untouched by development and large crowds.
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