Molokai Romance

Just as the sun sets over the shimmering water, you both see it. A green flash just before the sun sets. With some patience and a little luck, this once in a lifetime experience can be shared from either Papohaku Beach or Kapukahehu Beach (Dixie Maru Beach), the best spots on the island to watch the unobstructed sunset. Or spend magic hour at historic Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove, also known for its spectacular sunsets, and watch the colors change between the swaying coconut trees.

On Molokai, nature sets a romantic tone. As night falls, from the West End to the East End you’ll notice you’ve never seen the stars shine so bright, unaffected by city lights. The lack of streetlights, crowds and distractions will give you both a chance to get reacquainted with the constellations – and each other.

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For those longing to get away from it all, Molokai’s white sand beaches offer amazing unspoiled beauty, seclusion and romance.
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Molokai’s southern shore is home to Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef at 28 miles long. Full of natural “finger” coral, stony coral and an abundance of reef fish, this a fantastic place for snorkeling and scuba diving when the waters are calm.
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The waters between Lanai, Maui and Molokai offer some of the best winter whale watching in the world.
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