Heritage Sites of Molokai

Heritage Sites of Hawaii are special places located throughout the islands that provide significant historical, cultural and environmental contributions to the understanding and enjoyment of Hawaii. Whether it’s a National Park or a sacred place that encapsulates Native Hawaiian customs, beliefs and practices; these are the sites that are “must see” destinations that have been visited by the people of Hawaii for generations.

Molokai is home to one Heritage Site of Hawaii. Kalaupapa Lookout at the Palaau State Park is an overlook that features an amazing view of Molokai’s north coast and Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Here, on this isolated peninsula, Saint Damien selflessly treated Hansen’s disease patients until his death in 1889. Learn more about the other Heritage Sites of Hawaii.

Take a memorable mule ride from 1,700 feet to the seaside Kalaupapa National Historical Park, one of the most remote settlements in Hawaii.
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