Halawa Valley, Molokai

Halawa Valley

  • Name: Halawa Valley
  • What: Historic Hawaiian valley with towering waterfalls
  • Where: Molokai’s East End, one and a half hours from Molokai Airport.

Hike into the East End’s classic cathedral valley to see Hawaii back in time. It is believed ancient Polynesians settled in lush Halawa Valley as early as 650 AD. With many hidden heiau (places of worship) it's easy to see why this area, half a mile wide and three to four miles deep, and blessed with beautiful vistas and towering waterfalls, is one of the island's most historic areas.

Roughly two miles up the trail is the impressive, double-tiered 250-foot Mooula Falls. If you’re considering taking a dip into the pool, drop a ti leaf into the water first. Hawaiian legend says that a giant moo (lizard) lives at the bottom of the pool. If the ti leaf sinks, the moo is in no mood for visitors. If the ti leaf floats, it’s safe to enter. The hike in is moderate, and the only way to explore the area is with a guide, since the trail crosses private property. Please contact the activity desk at the Aqua Hotel Molokai to arrange for a guided hike.

The long drive to Halawa Valley (roughly one and a half hours from Molokai Airport) is an adventure in itself. You’ll pass by Hawaiian Fishponds, points of interest like Kumimi Beach (also known as 20 Mile Beach or Murphy Beach), Kaluaaha Church (Molokai’s first Christian church built in 1833), Halawa Beach Park and Halawa Bay.