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Visit Molokai and travel to an island steeped in Hawaiian tradition and surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty.

About Molokai

Home to the world’s largest sea cliffs and Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef, Molokai is an island where Hawaiian culture thrives.
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Explore the Molokai guidebook to learn about the island’s top sights and attractions, and the defining qualities that make Molokai so unique.
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Molokai Regions

Molokai is separated into 3 regions to explore: Central Molokai, West Molokai and East Molokai.
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From a memorable mule ride overlooking Kalaupapa Peninsula to a fishing adventure from Kaunakakai, choose your perfect Molokai vacation experience.
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Start planning your trip to Molokai with these helpful accommodation, transportation, activity and event listings.
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