First Friday in Chinatown

Head to Downtown Honolulu and Chinatown every first Friday of the month and dive deep into Oahu’s vibrant art scene. On each “First Friday” you can interact with local artists and artisans sharing their work during a festive night that draws a stylish crowd of visitors and locals. From expressive paintings to powerful cultural exhibits, you’ll get to see a diverse sampling of Hawaii’s burgeoning artistic talent.

Go on the Chinatown art walk and browse the galleries that open their doors with exhibits, free entertainment and light refreshments. You’ll see the crowds gather on the streets on and around Nuuanu Avenue and Bethel Street near the historic Hawaii Theatre. You'll also find the downtown restaurants and bars fill up just as quickly as the galleries. In fact, hidden in the lofts and nooks of this urban neighborhood are many of Oahu’s best bars and nightlife spots.