Eat Like a Local In Hawaii

Hawaii locals love to eat, and the islands offer a variety of comfort foods in a wide range of off-the-beaten path locations. You’ll discover the ethnic diversity of Hawaii in its distinct local dishes:

Plate Lunch
Consisting of two scoops of rice, macaroni salad, and everything from kalua pork, Korean barbecue, chicken katsu, beef teriyaki, or mahimahi, the plate lunch is a staple of local food. From mom and pop shops to local chains, you won’t have to look far to find the perfect plate lunch.

“Pupu” is the Hawaiian term for appetizer, and every local restaurant in Hawaii offers a wide range of creative pupu platters to dine on, from poke dishes to sushi.

Loco Moco
For big appetites, try a “loco moco,” which is a hamburger steak and egg over rice, covered in gravy. You can find loco moco’s throughout the islands, but Café 100 in Hilo on Hawaii’s Big Island is said to have originated the name.

Shave Ice
No matter what island you’re on, grab a shave ice to cool off. These finely shaved snow cones are served with colorful flavors on the top with a choice of ice cream or azuki beans on the bottom.

Treat your sweet tooth to a hot malasada (a Portuguese doughnut). Although Leonard's Bakery in Kapahulu is popular on Oahu, ask any local and they can tell you their favorite bakeries on each island to find these fresh and tasty treats.