Watch Big Wave Surfing

Hawaii is known as the birthplace of big wave surfing. Every year, the winter brings big swells that attract pro surfers from every corner of the world. Watching these pros attack these ferocious waves can be an exhilarating experience.

North ShoreOahu
The North Shore’s legendary winter waves attract the best surfers in the world. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (November - December), considered the Super Bowl of surfing, is held on its shores every year. Here’s what Dan Moore, North Shore resident and winner of the 2005 Billabong XXL award, has to say about some of the North’s Shore’s most famous spots:

Waimea Bay has a lot of history. It’s known to be one of the first places where the guys ventured out in the 50’s and rode giant waves. Banzai Pipeline is a remarkable spot. For spectators it’s probably one of the better spots to watch surfing. It is a dangerous place, so it’s for experts only. Sunset Beach is my favorite spot, actually. It’s where I learned to ride big waves.”

Peahi (Jaws)Maui
Off the northern coast of Maui is Peahi, or Jaws. This distant break is famous for tow-in surfing, where jet-skis “tow-in” surfers into monster 25-50 foot waves that would be impossible to physically paddle into. Spectators can view the action from a bluff overlooking Peahi.

You can also watch surfers ride big winter waves at Hookipa Beach and Honolua Bay on Maui’s northern coast