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Molokai Water Adventures

Double Lines

Molokai is known for its amazing water activities. Take a sports fishing charter from Kaunakakai or whale watch in the Kalohi Channel during the winter months. Molokai is also home to Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef at 28 miles. Natural “finger” coral and stony coral make for fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving along Molokai’s south shore. Kayaking is also amazing off Molokai’s pristine shores. Papohaku Beach is one of Hawaii’s largest white sand beaches and is a great spot for a dip in the calmer summer months, while Kumimi Beach (also known as 20 Mile Beach or Murphy’s Beach) is known for its great snorkeling.

  • Beaches of Molokai

    Molokai offers a handful of beautiful, secluded beaches.
    • Boating of Molokai

      Take a charter fishing excursion from Molokai’s Kaunakakai Harbor.
      • Fishing on Molokai

        Set sail from Kaunakakai to catch marlin, mahimahi and ono in Molokai’s fertile waters.
        • Molokai to Maui Day Trips

          Maui is easily accessible from Molokai, with an inter-island ferry running daily between Kaunakakai Harbor and Lahaina Harbor.
          • Snorkeling and Scuba of Molokai

            Home to Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef, Molokai is a fantastic place for snorkeling and scuba diving.
            • Whale Watching on Molokai

              The waters between Lanai, Maui and Molokai offer some of the best winter whale watching in the world.