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Oahu Dining

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The metropolitan center of Hawaii, Oahu has a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from. On Oahu you can eat like a local in small neighborhoods like Kapahulu or Haleiwa or dine in high style at some of Hawaii’s finest restaurants in Waikiki and beyond.

Oahu is home to arguably some of the best chefs in the world. Alan Wong (Alan Wong’s Restaurant), Roy Yamaguchi (Roy’s Waikiki), George Mavrothalassitis (Chef Mavro Restaurant) and Phillippe Padovani (Elua) were some of the founding chefs of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement. These local legends take the freshest, locally grown produce and ingredients to create flavorful dishes for visitors and locals alike. Make your reservations at these Honolulu restaurants or at hot spots throughout Oahu and get a taste of this unique culinary fusion of Hawaii’s ethnic influences. For a list of restaurants right in the heart of the action, go to Waikiki dining or click on Honolulu Dining for everything from quaint cafes to city chic. 

  • Eat Like a Local on Oahu

    Hawaii locals love to eat. And Oahu offers a variety of comfort foods in a variety of off-the-beaten path locations.
    • Farmers’ Markets on Oahu

      At Farmers’ Markets on Oahu you can buy local fish, meat, and produce and sample Oahu-style cooking, from gourmet plate lunches to Hawaii Regional Cuisine.
      • Farm to Table Oahu

        Follow the farm to table process from farmer’s markets and farm tours to the fine Hawaii Regional Cuisine restaurants of Oahu.
        • Hawaii Regional Cuisine on Oahu

          Hawaii Regional Cuisine inventively blends Oahu’s freshest flavors with the cuisine of the world.