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하와이의 예술과 문화: 알로하 정신

하와이의 다양성은 무엇보다도 언어, 음악, 미술, 공연, 춤, 영화, 요리와 수많은 축제에 잘 표현되어 있습니다. 훌라 댄서의 유려한 손동작에도, 부드러운 슬랙키 기타 연주에도 알로하 정신이 녹아있습니다. ‘알로하 정신’은 한 사람의 몸과 마음이 조화를 이루어 온전한 자신을 찾아가는 정신입니다. 상대방을 생각하고 좋은 태도를 지녀야 합니다. 생명의 힘을 생각하고 존중하세요.

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Ea Mai Hawaiinuiakea

Chants chronicle the people, places and events that make Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi. Ea Mai Hawaiinuiakea is a genealogy chant that speaks of the birth of the islands and the descendents of Haloa, the first Hawaiian.

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푸울로아의 수호자

오늘날 진주만으로 불리는 푸울로아는 지역 주민을 수호하는 전설 속 상어가 사는 곳이랍니다.

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여신들의 대결

‘펠레’와 ‘폴리아후’라는 여신들의 대결로 하와이 아일랜드가 생겨났습니다.

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Explore Hawaiian Culture and History

Hawaiian Language

‘Ōlelo Hawaiʻi, the Hawaiian language, is the key to unlocking systems of knowledge and understanding unique to Hawaiʻi. You can be part of its revival.

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Heritage Sites

Hawaiʻi’s heritage sites help us understand the historical, cultural and environmental forces that shaped society on these islands.

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Since the first voyagers arrived in these islands 1,500 years ago, Hawaiʻi has been home to luminaries, pioneers and movements that have made waves far beyond these shores.

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Much more than a dance, more than storytelling, hula is a practice through which Hawaiians connect with natural foundations and ancestral wisdom.

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With good company, delicious food and lively entertainment, the modern-day lūʻau is a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates Hawaiʻi.

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Traditions and Customs

The traditions and customs of Hawaiʻi have roots in native traditions, and influences from the many cultures who came from afar to call Hawaiʻi home.

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Hawaiian Film

Hawaiʻi’s status as an unparalleled destination with fascinating cultures and natural beauty beyond compare hasn’t been missed by the TV and film industries. Since the early days of cinema in the early 1900s, over 100 feature films have been shot in Hawaiʻi.

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Mālama Hawaiʻi

Take a trip that gives back.

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