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Off-Road Adventures

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Four-Wheel Driving on Lānaʻi

Four-Wheel Driving on Lānaʻi
Lānaʻi offers 400 miles of road to explore by four-wheel drive. North Lānaʻi has the bulk of off-road paths to explore. Kānepuʻu Preserve is 4.8 miles and 20 minutes away from Lānaʻi City on a dirt path. Continue down the road for another five minutes and you’ll arrive at the dramatic landscape of Keahiakawelo. For the truly adventurous, travel about 35 minutes and 4.7 miles even further to reach the remote white sands of Polihua Beach. 

Head northeast from Lānaʻi City on another rocky road to explore the isolated shores of Kaiolohia. It takes about 30 minutes to get to this beach after an exhilarating, bumpy ride. Just avoid driving too far onto the beach — visitors have been known to get their vehicles stuck in the sand. South Lānaʻi offers an off-road adventure to the historic Kaunolū, home to King Kamehameha’s favorite summer fishing retreat overlooking Lānaʻi’s southern cliffs.

You can make reservations for your 4-wheel drive vehicle in advance or book a tour with a local tour operator, for maximum learning along the way. 

Pro tips: Download the free Lānaʻi Guide app for oodles of directions to self-guided driving tours and hikes plus information on culture and history.  Remember to take your time and drive with aloha. If driving a rental vehicle, be sure to drive slow, so as not to "dust out" other drivers. And be sure give fellow drivers a friendly "Lānaʻi wave."