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Lahaina, Maui


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Lahaina, Maui

Maui Wildfire Update

Multiple wildfires have been burning in West Maui since the evening of August 8, 2023. Lāhainā — the original capitol of the Hawaiian Kingdom — is the most impacted area on the island. Sadly, many areas and experiences you’ll find across this section were affected. We’ll continue to provide more information as we have it. For now, you can find updates on our news alerts page.
As you can imagine, a fire of this magnitude will have a long-lasting effect on local businesses, resorts and — most importantly — the people who call Lāhainā home. If you’d like to embrace the spirit of aloha, please consider donating to Hawai‘i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund. Mahalo, and we’ll keep you posted.