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Hawaii's Best Beaches

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Hawaii is home to hundreds of beaches of every size, shape and sand colour including white, black, red and even green. With a seemingly endless coastline to choose from it can be hard for vacationers to narrow down the best beach options, but every Hawaiian Island has at least one intriguing stretch of sand that stands out above all others.

Sunbathing Seals on Poipu Beach, Kauai

The most popular beach on Kauai’s sunny south shore is Poipu Beach. It’s golden sand crescents form an aquatic playground of small bays and a shallow sandbar where visitors can safely snorkel, body board, swim or surf under the watchful eyes of a lifeguard. Endangered Hawaiian monk seals frequent this coastal area and are often found napping in the sunshine.  If you do spot a monk seal, please be mindful by staying at least 100 feet away and no flash photography as they are currently on the endangered species list.
Don’t Miss: Poipu Beach is a prime position to watch a gorgeous Hawaii sunrise or sunset, especially in the winter months (November through April).

Surf’s Up at Waimea Bay, Oahu

Waimea Bay is a legendary surfing spot on Oahu’s north shore. During Hawaii’s winter (November to April) humungous waves can reach well over 30 ft (9 m) making it a mag-net for pro surfers and spectators from around the globe. Visitors arriving in summer (May to October) are greeted by an entirely different scene where the ocean is flat and perfect for snorkelling.
Don’t Miss: Hidden across the road from Waimea Bay is Waimea Valley, a beautiful botanical garden with over 5,000 varieties of plants and sacred archaeological sites.

Celebrity Stylin’ on Wailea Beach, Maui

Wailea Beach is the jewel in the crown of Wailea, South Maui’s luxurious resort area. Its soft sands are fringed by coconut palm trees and decked out with beach chairs, umbrellas and cabanas. This beach oozes tropical charm and attracts guests from the near-by five-star hotels. It draws a celebrity crowd, not only famous people but migrating humpback whales visible offshore (December to April).
Don’t Miss: The nearby Wailea Beach Path is a paved coastal pathway offering one of the most peaceful, scenic walks available on the island of Maui.

Hang loose with Honu (Turtles) at Kahaluu Beach, Hawaii

Kahaluu Beach, close to the town of Kailua-Kona on the island of Hawaii, is renowned for honu (turtles). Its sheltered bay with rocky tide pools provide easy access for visitors to view Hawaiian green sea turtles and high concentrations of tropical fish. With ample facilities including restrooms, picnic tables, beach pavilions and even a lifeguard on duty, this is one of the best places to snorkel on the island of Hawaii.
Don’t Miss: There are remnants of heiau (Hawaiian temples) and petroglyphs (rock carvings) within walking distance of Kahalulu Beach.

See Spinner Dolphins on Hulopoe Beach, Lanai

Located on Lanai's south coast fronting the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Hulopoe Beach is one of Hawaii’s richest Marine Life Conservation Districts. This protected coastal setting features a grassy picnic area, expansive white sands, volcanic tide pools teeming with sea creatures and a deep blue ocean frequented by playful spinner dolphins, and humpback whales (December to April).
Don’t Miss: Puu Pehe is a famous Lanai landmark steeped in Hawaiian folklore and accessible by a short hike from Hulopoe Beach.

Please Note: Visitors are asked to please keep a respectful distance from the whales, spinner dolphins, monk seals and turtles so as not to disturb them in their natural environments. 
Ashlee Galea is an Aussie living in Hawaii who enjoys sharing Hawaii insider knowledge and travel advice on her blog The Hawaii Admirer.